3 thoughts on “Vasiliki Fi Explores Athens

  1. I really love this. I love the instagram feel. I really want to jump on the plane and run away to athens….but I question it as well. I have always looked at photojournalism as this “truth needs no ally” treatment. This branding is one sided….I think there is one type of atmosphere that the designer is projecting and athens is more diverse than just one environment. In that sense I think you right. I believe this brand is more similar to the other city brands in this feature than photojournalism itself.

  2. I like the counterintuitive design of these photos. The words are typical of encouraging tourism but the photos in which they are stamped on are atypical of a travel brochure. It is as if the photography captured the current “ruins” of Athens rather than the ruins of Acropolis, etc lit up at night to mesmerize throngs of tourists eating at restaurants that weaves through the sites. When I was in Athens last Spring, I found the lazing stray dogs, political street art, and big-gun toting police presence as a better depiction of what Athens is today.

    1. Thank you, Frances. I sensed that from his works and from a Greek friend I once had. He always spoke fondly of his home city of Athens, but never described it like the postcards.

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