Hi, my name is Sean. This is my blog. I was raised in the South and live here in Pensacola, FL now. I consider Mystic, CT home. I mention this only because it is the trailer to the cinematic conundrum that is my life and my outlook. It’s not always exciting, it’s not always clean. It is not designed, though that is what I practice. It is polite, mostly. It is deep and poetic, at times. Then again, what life is not all of this and much more.

I currently practice the graphic arts for the nation’s largest outdoor advertising agency, Lamar at their DigiCAP facility here in Pensacola–a satellite of CAP, Lamar’s art branch out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have been with Lamar two years as of February 2012. I love what I do and hope to one day advance to a position as a Creative Director in the creative field of design.

I love type. I love image. I illustrate. I photograph. I write. I design. I layout. I encode. I am learning a little code.

I love the written word in all forms. I have practiced poetry since the age of 13. I have written short stories, interviews, and articles about artists specifically. I am working on a few different books at the moment. One a collection of letters and sketchbook ramblings, the others are mostly image-based. I am addicted to reading, even the ingredients on shampoo and Pop Tarts. My only preferences are no cheesy romances and not The Bible, though I have read it in a few different forms. Language is my favorite of all human gifts. Creativity is a close second. Love and passion infuse everything in my world. Work, to me, is layered through it all. So is play.

This is my first attempt at a blog. I know it cannot encompass all, even in one life, but I am taking steps. I Miss Progress ©. I hope to make some here. Like graphic design as a field, I hope to engage you in the practice both of constructing thought and visualizing communication. Welcome to the world of Citizen Fable ©. I look forward to the exchange ®.

Citizen Able
Orson Can't Die

7 thoughts on “WHOIAM

    1. No worries and thank you. I saw your photograph dotting the comment pages of many of the blogs I read. Your image definitely sticks out. And when I saw ‘green-eyed geisha’ pop up, I was definitely intrigued. I am not sure if it is a John Carpenter reference, but I read it as such. Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorites!

      1. Hahahaha! No. Not a JC reference but now that I think about it …
        Actually, I have geen eyes and the geisha part comes from my admiration of the talent that these women have for entertaining men in a non-sexual manner. Okay, the sex is intriguing too. 🙂

      2. Agreed. On all notes. Not showing your eyes in your photo reminded me of Modigliani as well. One of my favorite painters!

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