TKO’s 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

TKO's 100% Pure New Zealand Honey
TKO’s 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

TKO Advertising Agency and Design Studio uses both the % sign and even the phrasing 100% Pure to highlight the Honey’s relationship with New Zealand, but also with the brand of New Zealand itself. This cross-communication increases the strength of the National Crown Entity’s Brand, but also the strength of the packaging and marque for the honey.

New Zealand, a nation of branding folks and branded products that are from a proud people. There is a simplicity and an excellence here that makes the products warm and approachable. In this case, I think it works for the brand and the people of the nation unlike some of our own nation’s companies’ globalistic and unhealthy branding practices. Though I am not from there, I cannot compare these examples to the likes of a McDonald’s or a Nike. It seems to me like what you see is what you get.

TKO's 100% Pure New Zealand Honey
TKO’s 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

4 thoughts on “TKO’s 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

  1. Do you think there is branding that does represent our country in the same way that this honey brand represents New Zealand? I really fell like Nike, as you mentioned, does represent a lot of what our country in a positively true way.

    1. I think the words positive and true do not apply to the branding that Nike has done. I question the ethics of a company such as Nike and their relationship to any nation, most especially our own. They have operated outside the confines of not only our laws, but the ethics of our peoples. I have not bought a pair of Nikes since 1998. For more on this topic, I would consult the master in Naomi Klein, featured in the documentary, The Corporation. Her book, No Logo, elaborates on the relationship between branding and ethics, specifically the practices of Nike and others.

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