Branding & Packaging: Candles of New Zealand

Though not part of a specific nation’s branding, per se, the product contains a nation’s name and therefore, relates to not just a fantastic product and brand, but also adds to and communicates with the nation. What’s good for the candles is also good for the nation. Thank you, Richard Baird for your wizard post. Follow him here.

BP&O - Logo, Branding, Packaging & Opinion by Richard Baird

Candles of New Zealand designed by Family

Candles of New Zealand is a family run business established in 2008 by Nicola & Steven Farrant and based in the Bay of Plenty. In preparation for the Auckland gift fair, design agency Family Design Co. redesigned their brand and packaging propositions to better reflect the company’s vision and to create a diverse but unified collection and visually characterising the handcrafted, traditionally produced and high quality aspects of the products.

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