New Zealand and the Origins of Tourism Branding

The World Travel Awards recently voted New Zealand Australasia’s leading Tourist Board for the third year running. Its iconic 100% Pure New Zealand campaign will compete against the other regional winners from around the world on December 12th for World’s Strongest Brand. (See here for whole story.)

What most don’t know is that New Zealand is also responsible for the world’s first government tourist board with its Department of Tourist and Health Resorts, est. 1901. I recently ran into an article on these origins by Peter Alsop about his book, Selling the Dream: The Art of Early New Zealand Tourism. The author makes comparisons to the age of the Internet and globalism which highlight the bravery of what this great nation accomplished with its ‘Railway Studios.’ For the full synopsis and some of the author’s revelations, read this article from Idealog.

I not only learned something new today about New Zealand, but also have made the connection that for New Zealanders, tourism and branding are a way of life. The people are known for their hospitality and kindness as well as the scenic beauty of their island abode. It now makes sense to me that an incredibly sophisticated and tech-savvy industry has developed in this nation to bring those valuable economic boosters we call tourists. In this age of globalism and in the afternoon delight of the world traveler, New Zealand was once and remains today a positive force on the World Branding Stage.

More intriguing are some of the brands that spring up in New Zealand. Many fully embrace their physical origins. It is as if the entire nation retains this culture of branding and fully embraces it not only as a people but also as a resource for spreading the good word about their products and their nation. Stay tuned for more on this subject…


2 thoughts on “New Zealand and the Origins of Tourism Branding

  1. Nice little piece, thx for referencing the book. Also enjoyed reading through some of your other recent blogs. Peter Alsop

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