Transformative Geophysical Branding

from designboom
Image and marque by Wolff Olins

Transforming the ‘brand’ of a city might be something we’re not used to here in the States, but we are currently living in a global world. Every four years, at the Olympics we see excellent examples of some of the most in-depth and sophisticated systems of branding as seen very recently in London. Designboom covers it in-depth here and lists most of the major players. Design Boom’s post.

The logo, like or dislike, is instantly recognizable. The color palette is more relative to an age and a time then a specific city or place. It captures a spirit, a human energy seen every four years, no matter the region. And it uses the visual and typographic language of the region to express that energy, in context for the world to see.

from designboom
Variations from LOCOG

The simplicity of the typeface and its playful, bold energy works with the mark as well as the extensive and elaborate pictogram system. No impact is lost and the message is delivered uniformly without losing its punch. But the Olympics in London is perhaps one of the most visible examples of a new form of branding taking place constantly around the world.

from designboom
Typeface by Gareth Hague at Alias
from designboom
Pictograms by someone

My next few posts will highlight some exceptional examples of what I see as a new form, but what is already a valuable part of the rich visual cultures seen around the world. Though some of the work is a few years old now, the concepts are still fresh. Through the strategy of branding and visual thinking and forms of graphic design, we will see branding of a place and a space.


2 thoughts on “Transformative Geophysical Branding

    1. Because spaces do not move. You must then send a picture of that space or building abroad to motivate people to move or visit there. In the traditional sense, I do not believe architecture can be branding. However, I do believe it can be branded, become part of a graphic, or a mark, or be the source of inspiration for a typeface as I am sure you will see in some of my upcoming posts. I believe architecture is the most valuable asset a city can have, but good branding allows the general public and those ‘in other places’ to hunger to see it and be surrounded by its gentle folds.

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