I don’t want much. I don’t want a large space. I don’t want to fill that space with junk. I do not want 14 cars or gold-plated teeth. I don’t care for white picket fences or even guest bedrooms. A fold-out sofa or a well-made futon will do just fine for my friends and visiting family, thank you.

I do want to work. I want to do exciting work. I want a fulfilling environment with laughter and intrigue and attention to detail. I want a city full of life and energy being exchanged on a daily basis. I want to be compensated fairly for my efforts and my energies. I want a designed life with an emphasis on staying current. I want to read. I want to always learn.

I want fulfilling relationships based on open and honest communication. I want love. I want to play where I work and work where I play. I want to eat well. On occasion, I want to drink well and feel good about feeling honest when the drink gets to me. I want to learn about other faiths. I want to experience them, practice what they preach. I want to walk and swim and sleep. I want to grow things. I want to provide an environment for my children that is better than the one I had as a child. I don’t want them to worry about their education, but pursue it. I want to travel. I want them to travel. I want to learn new languages. I want to live where they are spoken.

I want to walk across the Outback. I want to see Everest, climb some of it. I want to swim in all the world’s oceans, trudge through the Amazon, lay in the hot sands of the Sahara. I want to see people samba in Carnivale in Rio. I want to see the Olympics. I want to see the Big Wheel Race and make one to compete.

I want to write to paint to design to breathe to love to eat to sleep. I want to live. I want to live well according to the ethics of me and my loved ones. I want to share. I want to speak and to listen. I have wants too. Though my wants seem simple. I want stories.


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