A Minor Editorial Correction

And that is all I can stand to do because your essays are so compact, tidy, and beautiful. Little rock gardens of neatly-trimmed thought and rigorously organized critique I can only hope to attain one day.

I recently began reading your Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design. I love it. It might become the ‘textbook of our class’ you so fondly reference. Though I’ve only read 6 thus far–just finished “Histories in the Making”–I confess I did skip ahead a bit to read one that stuck out. I am a filmophile and enjoy Kubrick’s work as much as he did Futura. So I skipped to number 32.

Perhaps this has already been pointed out to you. Perhaps not. However, here is some Beautiful Evidence for you in correction to your essay, Stanley Kubrick and the Future of Graphic Design. (Please see p. 104 of the book for the text I’m referencing here).

Kubrick's use of Futura
Kubrick’s use of Futura

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