I was lucky to write my first guest post on another’s blog recently. I have referenced Miss Bozzi’s blog a few times in my work. I feel honored she asked me to work on her mast and tackle a challenging topic…

I’m very happy to be able to introduce to you the talented Sean Foster, author of Citizenfable (and of course the first ever guest post on my blog!)

I’ve posted several times about the inspiration I find in all his work and now I am ecstatic to have him design the Masthead for fashioningarchitecture. I leave you with his declaration on storytelling….storytelling and graphic design.  Enjoy!

When Caroline approached me with this topic, I got excited. “Two of my most favorite things! Design and storytelling? That’s brilliant! I can’t wait to get started…” And then, the block came.

After banging out an acronym using the letters of Caroline’s blog, listing various qualities that design and storytelling have in common, I realized that’s not really what I wanted to say. Stories are life. They are the fabric by which we make our reality as human beings. Everyone has a story. As humans…

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