Go For a Run
On Your Run, Go for a Swim, possibly Nadia Moro

Take them.

Any Place
Waves of Beauty

Go someplace else in your head, even if only for a few moments.

Bay Residence by Stelle Architects

Even if it’s in your own home. Make a space to go someplace else.

The NYBG makes them, so why not you?

Go for a walk in a park. Go outside. Play in the rain. Stare out the window for 30 minutes. Take notes. Report the results. Share.

Space out. Stare at a green field, a blue ocean, an angry gray sky. Listen to the rain for 24 minutes. Whether it’s a downpour, or just a steady pitter patter. Learn the difference.

Take a long 18-second whiff when you walk downtown by a restaurant. Watch the laugh scene in Mary Poppins 12 times in a row. Walk through the woods for 6 miles and get lost. Find your zero spot, the stillness. Meditate on the desert…

Once Upon a Time in the West
Once Upon a Time in the West


Take a mini-vacation.


4 thoughts on “Mini-Vacations

  1. Wonderful Insight! I think these are the moments that make the dreary stressful days more managable and these are the moments that are never “a waste.”

    1. Awesome article! Thanks for the insight. The idea of ‘eavesdropping on my unconscious’ makes me want to invest heavily in a hammock, just in case…

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