Truth in Evolution

Humanism does not need to contain polarity in its dialectic. Good and evil as concepts are both flawed.

There will be a grand acceptance that lying, cheating, and stealing is very much within our nature. And resistance to these precepts is just futile. They are traits we need for continuing dominance of the planet.

Thank you, Howard Bloom. Please read The Lucifer Principle for a better elucidation. Listening to Deadmau5 Alone with You might increase the level of clarity while you read. Enjoy!

Perhaps, we’ve already reached that grand enlightenment? Noticed the Stock Market of late?


4 thoughts on “Truth in Evolution

    1. Good and bad are value systems, manufactured by a consciousness that is essentially a combination of chemicals and reactions and energies. My opinion is that people are all of those things throughout their lives–good, bad, both, neither.

      Situation, circumstance come into play. Flight. Fight. I do not think there is some grand unified theory of morality or consciousness.

      It is like our algorithms that ‘predict’ the weather. They are flawed because they attempt to articulate the organic in a mathematical, ordered way. I think Nash’s game theory comes close to articulating the rhythm of chaos, but falls short. I believe he himself would agree.

      There is some blend of all of this within us which gives us the potential to make millions of decisions for any one presented. My favorite part about being a human is having an imagination and a choice.

      What are your feelings on the benefits of choice? I’ve always been fascinated by law, as an example.

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