What is Reality?

What is its form? Is it context-sensitive? What function does it perform? Is it collective or firmly rooted in the psyche of the individual? Can we see its grid lines? Is it possible to manufacture such a thing from ideas into physical form? Are cities representation of it? Is money? Is language? Is love?

Is it possible that schizophrenics merely experience more reality than the average mind is capable? Is it possible that burning bushes really do speak? Is it palpable to think that entire systems of belief–including the ones we hold most dear–are based on misrepresentations of the physical world, lies if you will? What makes one lie better than another? Why do some become ‘memes’ passed on not simply from one generation of memes to another, but from one physical and genetic generation to another?

Reality is not a faith-based endeavor. Whether you choose to believe in its happenings or not, it is there. It can be touched or experienced through our other senses and then translated into data for our comrades in experience to share or to refute. Somewhere along the way in this extremely complex process, something happens to certain experiences. Perhaps a mind-altering substance is ingested. Perhaps there are certain disturbances in the force lines of the world that are refracted and reflected when two specific people come together–or love, sometimes even lust.

I believe that these moments of experience are always framed by choice. That in this sense, reality is one hundred percent manufactured. Reality, like the ever-famous Mother Nature is an uncaring force which cares not for our choices even if it allows them to take place within the confines of its physical space and boundaries. Reality is not the tree in the forest. It makes sounds whether we are there to hear them or not. Perception is not requisite for this force and neither is choice, though our experience within reality is often determined by our choices.

Many complicate life by alluding to irreality. Newton famously balanced the world of calculus with imaginary numbers. This is not coincidence. The only way to make some things real is by belief in them. Extended into a faith in them, an even more complex choice is made. People will die for this faith in the imaginary. Consciously choose to do so–sometimes en masse–simply because others believe in a separate irreality.

And yet, in mathematics, it is this very irreality which allows us to send satellites into orbit, or fly to the moon, or overcome the overwhelming force of gravity to enter space. It is not a belief in them, but the articulation of a separate reality that brings new realities into existence. For example, if we began to practice various psychic things like ‘remote viewing’ on a grand scale, what would happen? Would the grand practice of such things we think are not real prove otherwise? Why is this so radical an idea if billions of people every single day practice a belief in a grand, unformed and all-encompassing force that knows all, sees all, and is everywhere at once? Why is it so radical to think that the true power has lain in our own minds all along? That any and all form of belief or faith stems from the human mind…

Reality is…what we make of it. If we want more, we can have it. If we decide to, we can continue being people PacMans. We can keep eating, consuming, believing in ideas like money and God, all the while ignoring the amazing things all around us–one another. We can kill for having separate beliefs, or we can disregard the beliefs that do not assist the evolution of the specie. And focus more on the ones that do. We are the only specie that can articulate our own destiny, and by belief in it, make it happen. Instead of focusing on today so much, we can focus on the 3rd and 4th steps. Or at least delegate a portion of the population to do so.

Reality is manmade. It is full of color and our desires and passions and beauty and hate and death and fear. It is both terrible and wonderful simultaneously. It is impossible. It is possible. Reality is human.


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