Edges and Thresholds

Egret taking flight
Down on Palafox Pier, the ink steps of Thoth…

Close to the edge of the free world, but not quite in the middle. Tallahassee is a three hour jump. Gainesville five. Orlando seven or so. Miami a good eleven. So close to the Keys relatively speaking, but most don’t realize how big Florida can be when you’re in Pensacola. Five hours, another planet. Eleven, another galaxy–in Miami.

Not all the way extreme. We have Joe Scarborough, after all. The conservative pedant that prefers money over pride. He who closely represents the values of the Irish and then mocks them by having a fair lass on his show to frown on now and again. She gets to introduce what’s next, though…

Seven hours from the land of the rat and her megaphones of a thousand languages.  Not completely fundamentalist. Not completely mono-cultural. Though it is full of a majority of the superstitious Christians for which our country is so well known. Not even close to anything intellectual, in the traditional sense, or remotely liberal, unless you mean our choice of footwear.

Not to say good things don’t come from bad systems–public education, aside. Not to say that generalities are everything. Or test scores retain meaning to the average morning Joe in Pensacola. Because they don’t. Because I’m writing. You’re reading. Things are changing. There is something in the wind.

We have Vinyl Music Hall. Downtown is alive with a gamut of sounds now, ranging from Punk to Hip Hop back to electronic on Wednesday nights at Seville. Look at the line-ups for De Luna Fest. Did you see who’s coming to Hangout? Does this mean that the business community will keep going on their current path of shaking things up?

With a liberal sprinkling of the remote and a pedantic crowd of 4 or so intellectuals that haven’t done anything or been anywhere liberal, Pensacola moves forward. Guns abound still, but the police are lazy unless you’re black or armed or wearing a hoody (not Pensacola, I know). Maybe it’s becoming less about who you know and which side of a bridge your family comes from nowadays in this town that once seemed asleep. Perhaps the business relationships based on an incestual scratching of backs and returns are fading and a new vibrance has arrived. Perhaps gallery nights are evidence of this. Perhaps our youthful mayor being seen at a G. Love concert is parcel to this.

The beaches are gorgeous here. But there’s more. And more to come.

Pensacola. Since 1559 approx. give or take.

Like so many cities, Pensacola is experiencing a revival. This citizen hopes to help in his own little way…


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