le concepteur gran


I think not. I think. Therefore, I am. Therefore He is?

Living in the greater Pensacola, Florida area is not like living in other areas of the South though I have often heard much of my home region of this country labeled vanilla. A strange friend lingers in the backs of many citizens’ minds.

This whisper is hypnotizing, like a close-up of Kylie Minogue’s lips moving around the warm, wet hole of her mouth. The teeth aren’t exactly straight, but somehow the apparition is beautiful. Thom Yorke’s contra-vogue gifts also come to mind. Pensacola has either the look of an angel with crooked teeth, or a cherubic voice on a wilted English Iris.

So who is this silhouette imprinted on the zeitgeist of the local populace? What is the constant factor that ties most together? We don’t have the rat like Orlando or the fallic capital in Tallahassee. We have an even bigger myth for sale.

We have the churches. All brands. Souls for sale. Preachers in Cadillacs. Evangelists at streetlights brandishing fancy leather bibles like clubs and swords. These people squelch science in this city; they attempt to squeeze the culture, crush the music, the art. We have Dr. Dino, Mr. Kent Hovind (I refuse to call him Doctor). And then we have the mainstays, those that vote how their preacher tells them. Those that propagate the myths, continue the same faiths their fathers and grandfathers had before them. Those that don’t mean any harm, but keep the status quo machine moving.

Perhaps I am the mutation. Perhaps I am the one that’s odd or strange. With my decision to verbalize my lack of faith and consciously fight for reason and beauty and truth in life on a daily basis, I could lose friends. My atheism is, I think the best choice for an honest life. I hold no hatred in my heart for any man, but merely for the creations which hinder his growth as a specie. There was something the ancients had that we do not. I believe it was a belief in ourselves. Perhaps it was given to us by something greater than ourselves. Perhaps that something lies within our minds and not without as some external bearded tripartite giver of laws and judge of the earthly. Perhaps the earthly is the divine. And perhaps our lack of faith in ourselves is what allows us to continue on our current path of self-destruction.

Perhaps willing a ghost into existence is the idea that should be more radical. Perhaps there are problems which surround us that are more demanding of our attention than those that do not at all. Perhaps the ghosts of the South are the ones that haunt us most.

I will continue this path. I have made my choice. I will not believe in an afterlife when I have problems to work on in this one. I hope to make some friends along the way, especially in a place where I am the alien…


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