Race Street
Words are everywhere

Are Words?

In order to transpose the silk of an image from my mind onto the screen of another’s, there must be a medium of translation. Some translator, a metaphrasis, if you will.

For we all have ideas, we all hold images in our respective mind corners. The metaphrasis can be language. And language can take many forms. Universally, the most basic metaphrasis is not even verbal…

Sometimes words can make a picture more real. In their truest sense letters are nothing but pictures we gave meaning long ago. To deny this fact is to make magic where there are physical forms, tangible sounds, not fairy dust or unicorn horns. So how does a symbol attain letter status? At what point do we decide something needs to be distilled to its smallest nugget of meaning?

When did we decide to make these letters into forms? When did the forms become sounds? How did we develop the systems which allowed for these sounds to transpose themselves onto our daily lives on a regular basis, like nervous ticks that became way posts for finding our way around the world?

Words, at best, are a system of exchange. They are the most important aspect of our economy without which there could be no belief in an idea like ‘money.’ There could be no blog here. There could be no commentary in the images below-like race, just evidence of a conversation taking place. Only a few layers of meaning if recorded with audio, becomes a few more if recorded with a lens, becomes a few more if frozen and shown in some abstracted sequence, becomes even more if recorded as film and shown with sound, but still a representation of ‘the real.’ Still a system of exchange presenting another system of exchange.

Words in the present tense are real. They appear to lose their vitality when not being spoken or read as our storage systems become hijacked by overstimulation. They must continue to be read. They must be spoken. They must be contained with our minds if they are to continue to be real. Words are real as long as we use them as intellectual currency. Words are real for us if we choose for them to be. Barriers created by language are not impenetrable force fields, but merely streams we can swim in or not.

What will you share? What will you take?


Race Street 1
The exchange begins
Check your Phone


And look to the right
And again.
What's funny?
Breaking up the exchange

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